Julie with Tigers

Julie Hayton worked with Leicester Tigers for 12 years

We are proud of the record we have got helping elite sportsmen and women be the best they can be in their chosen field.

Their needs are clearly different from the rest of us and they often need more intense treatment to, not only get over injury, but to prevent injury as well.

Our staff have worked with professional athletes from all sorts of sports.

And leading the team is Julie Hayton, who has been an integral part of Leicester Tigers’ success between 2003 and 2015, building up a wealth of experience in the process.

That background has enabled her to work with several different sports and clubs and offer ideas and solutions to any structural, organisational and clinical issues within those set-ups.

The highly professional ethos of Function Jigsaw will enable us to continue working with elite individuals, clubs, organisations and governing bodies at the elite end of sport.