Our massage chair can de-stress workforces in a relatively small space and in a small amount of time

Our corporate and business services incorporate our Fit For Industry programme and focus on the well-being of work forces up and down the country.

Work-related stress is widespread and not just related to the industries where you would expect to find it.

Five million people in the UK alone claim that they are ‘very’ or ‘extremely’ stressed by their job. This situation usually develops because a person is unable to cope with the demands placed on them. The negative aspects of that are well publicised.

There are internal issues like time-management, business structure and communication problems. External pressures like diet, lifestyle and sleeping patterns can add to any problem.

Many forward-thinking companies have looked to address these issues and are looking to reduce not only stress levels within the business but put strategies in place to make sure that those levels of stress remain low within their workforce.

We can help you put the structures in place at your business

Function Jigsaw are at the forefront of helping companies achieve that aim. We have developed a system which covers a multi-disciplinary way of tackling the issues which is called the Fit For Industry programme.

From business management and team work, to health and well-being, we can help your business put the structures in place to maintain positive physical and mental attributes amongst your staff.

Massage therapy is a key component of our approach and has been known to reduce the psychological markers of stress and depression. Our chair massage can be carried out in a relatively small space.

This treatment can lead to enhanced alertness and reduced levels of anxiety and stress. It also enables employees to be treated in a small amount of time to reduce the impact on their working day.

Aside from the massage chair, we have developed a network of practitioners and experts in their field to assist in the delivery of interventions on a self-pay basis.

MD Julie Hayton was invited onto BBC Radio Leicester to speak about the Fit For Industry programme. Find out more by listening here.




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“We have worked with Function Jigsaw for over 12 months and we have seen real improvement in both staff moral and performance.

“They run a weekly fitness programme supported with advice on diet and lifestyle, a large percentage of the team have engaged with this and seen real health benefits. Our sickness levels have dropped significantly over the past year too and we have seen a real boost in morale as our staff feel valued.

“We have also seen a real return on investment in using Function Jigsaw’s professional services.”

MARK SHARMAN, Group Managing Director – Impact Creative Partnership Ltd.

“All our actors and cast members go through an intense period of rehearsing, a lot of which is dance based, and not unlike professional athletes, put their bodies under significant amount of physical strain. It really benefits the theatre to be able to offer this on site as it cuts down on travel time for an already time-pressured cast and crew.

Function Jigsaw have been getting excellent feedback about their expertise, professional and personalised service from everyone that had treatment from them whilst performing our two big shows this Christmas.”

SUNITA PATEL, Senior Business Development Manager – Curve Theatre, Leicester