Sports Massage

Function Jigsaw offers professional sports massage in Leicester and Leicestershire. We have a team of experienced sports therapists with years of experience in sports massage therapy and sports injury rehabilitation. Let’s first understand, what is sports massage, pre-event massage, post-event massage and the benefits of sports massage therapy.

What is sports massage?

Sports massage therapy is a manual treatment applied to soft tissue; it combines traditional massage techniques while applying a scientific approach. Sports massage will benefit anyone who might be involved in physical activity or anyone who has a desire to take care of their health and well-being. It can play a key role in optimising the maintenance of the musculoskeletal health.

Physical activity can place stress on the body which it might struggle to adapt to, and so sports massage can help relieve problem areas which may cause movement issue or pain. A sports massage will always be tailored to the individual’s needs or concerns. It can be deep and stimulating but it doesn’t always have to be nor should it always be. Techniques help to concentrate on superficial and deep layers of tissue by releasing muscle tension and restore muscle balance.

Why choose to have pre-event massage?

Pre-event massage can be very useful with a run up to your chosen event. It can help iron out niggles and prepare you for the event day. If you have never had a sports massage before, ideally you would choose a lengthy timeframe prior to your event (2-3weeks before) to judge how your body responds to treatment. This is because a deep tissue massage can take a day or two to recover from so ideally try it prior to your event. A sports massage therapist understands muscle groups so will develop a suitable treatment to ensure maximum benefit for you.

Benefits to pre-event massage are that it increases the circulation and flexibility in the muscle, warms and stretches the tissues and it will also help to improve range of movement.

Why have a sports massage post-event?

Sports massage can be provided directly or a few days after the event. It can help to identify injuries which you may have sustained during the event and it will also help the effects of DOMS (delayed on set muscle soreness). It can aid a pain free recovery and help to return you back to training.

Benefits of post event treatment are; blood and lymphatic drainage which will help to remove the waste products from the tissues; helps to lengthen fibres which may have shortened due to pushing yourself to the limits. It can also help to calm the nervous system which helps to mentally relax you.

Regular sports massage for somebody who participates in regular physical activity is very beneficial as it will keep muscle tissue healthy as well as helping to prevent injuries.

What are the benefits of sports massage on the body?

  • Muscular system – helps release the soft tissue tightness, realign scar tissue, helps to reduce muscular spasms
  • Lymphatic system – massage can help increase movement of fluid through out the body.
  • Nervous system – can help increase endorphins, along with increasing the sensory receptors.
  • Skeletal system – reducing soft tissue tension allows the increase of mobility, helping to reduce the stress on joints.
  • Cardiovascular system – increases blood flow to the soft tissues, helping to remove waste products and increase oxygen and nutrients to those areas.

Sports massage is very beneficial for anybody at any time in their training regime, pre-event, post-event or at any time inbetween.

A pre-event massage would focus on preparation for an event, creating a sense of readiness. It should be performed at an up-tempo pace. It should be used in conjunction with a person’s warm-up as it can increase circulation, help to relax muscle and help joints be more flexible for the event. It’s used to assess and treat any niggles felt.

A post-event massage is focused on recovery. The tempo tends to be a lot slower compared to pre-event massage. Post event massage will help increase circulation helping to reduce muscular tension. The massage will help flush waste products and toxins out from the muscle which will reduce the chance of DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness).

Sports massage works at its best when in a regular routine as it help keep muscular tension and imbalances at bay.

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