Elite Sport Consultancy

Julie Hayton was in charge of managing big budgets and many staff during her time as Leicester Tigers’ Head of Medical Services through a consistently successful period for England’s most decorated rugby club.

Since setting up Function Jigsaw, she has begun to work with other professional sporting clubs too.

Our Elite Sport Consultancy service involves a comprehensive review of current systems that are in place at a particular club.

That will review not only the systems in place but the staffing levels and abilities of everyone involved in the programme and devise reviews and action plans to take the client’s programmes forward in the best possible way.

We also offer an injury auditing programme that takes an in-depth look at how players are picking up injuries and how long they are staying off the field for. Again, reviews and action plans are devised to offer positive outcomes for any findings.

“One of the Tigers lads said to go and see Jules after months of talking to doctors and surgeons and not really getting anywhere. Two weeks later, I was running and I’ve never had a problem since – boom. I never missed another training session, nevermind another game. It’s not an over exaggeration to say she probably prolonged my playing career and almost resurrected it at that point”.

Martin Johnson CBE

“Julie knew how much I wanted to keep racing if at all possible and so devised a way so that we could manage the injury to keep me racing and, importantly, do the right thing. We did an awful lot of physio work to get the area around the injury strong and enable it to start to recover. She saved my season – I had my operation when it was finished – and I will always be grateful for that”.

Sylvain Guintoli

“From soft tissue to rehabbing, Julie knows what is best for your injury. Having helped me back from many injuries during my time as a professional rugby player, she can be totally trusted because her rehab knowledge is world class. I will be popping into her new clinic to keep my knee rehab going now I have moved into coaching”.

Anthony Allen

“I owed Julie Hayton a lot after getting back on the pitch following a long-standing groin injury. I have had things like shoulder injuries before where you know it will take between three and four months to get back on the pitch. With injuries like this, you can really get down as a player because it is hard to mentally prepare yourself for a comeback. That can affect your drive and Julie was excellent at consoling me at the right time. That mental side of a recovery is important and Julie really knows which buttons to press to get the best out of you. It’s hard to teach that.”

Mathew Tait