In the corporate world, more business are offering a wellbeing programme as an employee benefit – recognising the need for better health and wellbeing provision for their staff.

Staff wellbeing is increasingly relevant and necessary area of focus in the modern workplace.

Wellbeing by its simplest definition is perhaps, ultimately about personal happiness – feeling good, living safely and healthily. From a corporate management perspective, wellbeing plays a major factor in quality, performance, productivity and therefore business effectiveness and profit.

Function Jigsaw is at the forefront of helping companies’ employees achieve a healthier approach to work both mentally and physically and in turn, companies are benefitting strongly from greater productivity and increased morale. We have had major success working alongside The Curve Theatre Leicester, Impact Creative Partnership LTD and Niche Magazine.


MD Julie Hayton was invited onto BBC Radio Leicester to speak about the Fit For Industry programme. Find out more by listening here:


So what can cause employees to become stressed and subsequently less productive?

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