Martin Johnson CBE

2003 World Cup Winning Captain - Leicester Tigers and England

One of the Tigers lads said to go and see Jules after months of talking to doctors and surgeons and not really getting anywhere. Two weeks later, I was running and I’ve never had a problem since – boom. I never missed another training session, nevermind another game. It’s not an over exaggeration to say she probably prolonged my playing career and almost resurrected it at that point.


Valued Client

Today marks my one year anniversary at Function Jigsaw. From being bed-ridden and wheelchair-bound, Michael was THE tipping point in turning around my mobility and assisting me to get back on my feet. There are no words to describe how incredibly grateful I am for his hard work, dedication, patience and encouragement. Their ethos focuses on bespoke, organic treatment in a nurturing, wholesome environment and I truly believe this is evident in all that they do.

Veronica Hardy

Venezuelan Flyweight MMA Fighter - UFC

Julie’s noteworthy qualifications for her profession are enhanced by her dedication, diligence, perseverance, drive, and unwavering concern for the individuals under her care. I have made remarkable progress in a time of hopelessness. I believe with Julie’s continuing efforts I will be back competing in no time. Her uncanny sense of humour though makes the whole process a pleasure.

Justin Carter

Valued Client

I have been visiting Function Jigsaw for many years now, with a number of injuries due to a lifetime of racing off road motorcycles. I was recommended for sports massage, approximately 2 years ago. A regular sports massage enables me to get back to training and riding faster, it has become an essential part of my training week. As with all the team at Function Jigsaw, knowledgeable, intelligent and have an understanding of what a client needs.

Nick Knowles

TV Presenter - DIY SOS

There is little glamour on DIY SOS – just long hours and hard graft. In fact, I had such a long-standing issue with my back that I doubted I would ever be able to get it fixed. Jules has been working with me, and some of the crew for about six months now and it is not overstretching the point to say that I feel like a new man. With her care and attention over that time, I am now feeling a lot better and a lot happier too. Thanks Jules, I don’t know what I would have done without you.

Martin Birch

Valued Client

I contacted Function Jigsaw after injuring my calf during a tennis match. I met with the team at Function Jigsaw and they diagnosed a Grade 2 calf tear and explained in detail what I had done and what we could do to begin to get me back playing. After 2-3 sessions with Michael and the team, I felt a big improvement and I am sure that their precise yet simple instructions were the main reason I was able to get back playing so quickly – I strongly recommend seeing the Function Jigsaw team.

Thomas Somers

Team GB 200m/400m Athlete

I go to Function Jigsaw not only for the world class treatment they provide, but the family atmosphere they have created. You can go there with a minor or major injury and they can get you back up and running. They use each others’ knowledge well and the team understand the demands of high level sport from their own personal experiences; this is something I love not only from a physio side but from what is needed to be a successful performer and create the right environment.

Alex Brennan

Valued Client

After I broke my kneecap I had around 6 sessions with Michael and my recovery was helped significantly. Michael made such a difference, really pushing my knee to its limits and helping me to eventually get back into football. The exercises he taught me were completely different from anything I’d seen/done before and I believe this is the reason my recovery was so much quicker. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone and thanks to him I can enjoy sport again!

Joe Chadwick

Loughborough/Guernsey 100m/200m Athlete

Despite a psychologically tough couple of years, Jules has helped me navigate tough injury’s and provided direction towards a healthy future. Her ability to comprehend my situation and further guide me accordingly has pet me in my sport. She’s levels above anyone I’ve ever worked with and don’t have a bad word to say about her – other than her supporting Liverpool.

Jamie Jameson

Valued Client

I first came to Function Jigsaw in 2014 after tearing my ACL playing rugby in New Zealand, since then I have had two operations and multiple set backs and every time i’ve gone back to see the team at Function Jigsaw. The team at FJ are great and I can not recommend them more; they use a wide range of techniques to get you back out doing the activities you love. They are always improving and looking for new ways to treat injuries and get you back on your feet sooner.

Matthew Tait

Former Professional Rugby Union Player - Leicester Tigers and England

I owed Julie Hayton a lot after getting back on the pitch following a long-standing groin injury. A groin injury is much more different though and it took me a long, long time to get better from that soon after I joined Leicester Tigers. I had setbacks too and tended to mope around a bit when they came. That mental side of a recovery is important and Julie really knows which buttons to press to get the best out of you – it’s hard to teach that.

Karen Oliver

Valued Client

I suffered with crippling lower back pain which after weeks of moving furniture and DIY, but the final straw was when I could barely get out of bed without prescription painkillers and driving and getting in my car were agony. I contacted Function Jigsaw and went for an hour a week for three months for a combination of deep tissue, core training and resistance exercises. Michael was understanding, professional, friendly and very knowledgable – I highly recommend Function Jigsaw.

Sylvain Guintoli

Professional Motorcycle Racer - Suzuki MotoGP

Julie knew how much I wanted to keep racing if at all possible and so devised a way so that we could manage the injury to keep me racing and, importantly, do the right thing. We did an awful lot of physio work to get the area around the injury strong and enable it to start to recover. She saved my season – and I will always be grateful for that.

Wendy Paine

Valued Client

I reached out to Function Jigsaw after breaking both legs in a freak skiing accident. My road to recovery has been a long one. I have no doubt that without the empathy, patience and dedication of the FJ team, I would not be where I am now, and through their continued support I have no doubt i will be back skiing next season stronger and fitter than ever.

Molly Summerhayes

Former Team GB Olympic Freestyle Skier

I used Function Jigsaw for pre and post-operation recovery on a torn ACL. I have really enjoyed coming to Function Jigsaw every week. We never do the same thing and we are focused on something new. They have always made it interesting and put me in the right frame of mind. Now, I am back on my feet – and skis too!

Beverley Morris

Valued Client

I can highly recommend Lizzie, one of the physiotherapists at Function Jigsaw. She is very professional, knowledgeable and friendly. She is very happy to discuss your problem and explain the treatment plan required to resolve or alleviate your situation. The late night opening can be very useful.

Anthony Allen

Former Professional Rugby Union Player - Leicester Tigers

From soft tissue to rehabbing, Julie knows what is best for your injury. Having helped me back from many injuries during my time as a professional rugby player, she can be totally trusted because her rehab knowledge is world class. I will be popping into her new clinic to keep my knee rehab going now I have moved into coaching.