Our ethos is that not only is everyone’s injury different, but that their required outcome may be different too.

We don’t do standard treatments for standard injuries. We treat every client individually.

Anyone that comes in will get their very own ‘Personal Jigsaw Plan’ (PJP).

Somebody once told us that they got the ‘function’ but not the ‘jigsaw’ bit.

Well, two people can have the same injury. One of them might have a goal of wanting to walk their dog pain-free. But the other person might want to go and play rugby. At some point, that treatment diversifies.

It is up to us to give you all of the pieces that completes the picture/jigsaw that you want.

A PJP is what we believe you need to get you back to what you perceive as being fit. Whether that is what we see of you being fit is another matter. It’s different for everyone.

We have a wide range of treatments and ideas that can get you back to doing what you want to do and those treatments have a proven success rate. That is why we use them.