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The Gatherer Systems analysis suite in use

The Gatherer Systems analysis suite in use

Gatherer Systems is a dynamic and innovative technology combining physical medicine and precision measurement technology to introduce accurate and objective data collection, analysis and rehabilitation into the fields of physical therapy, sport and exercise.

This combination of technology and methodology has a ground-breaking impact for the clinical management of the neuromusculoskeletal system. Working closely with neurosurgeons, orthopaedic surgeons and research institutions, Gatherer Systems is setting new standards in the field of clinical evaluation.

Through work with patients that includes GB Olympians and elite athletes in sports such as rugby, Formula One and football, the use of objective data has demonstrated faster recovery times and improved levels of fitness.


“The technology has been developed over the past 10 years and can offer huge benefits to both the clinician and patient alike.” – Founder and Managing Director, Don Gatherer MCSP.


Working closely with former World Champion, Mark Webber and his Red Bull team, the developers have designed an innovative device that is breaking boundaries in assessing, diagnosing and rehabilitating a new way of iso-kinetic testing.

It is a state-of-the-art screening, monitoring and rehabilitation tool to assess joint and muscular integrity of agonist and antagonist groups.

This will identify risk of injury and weakness through peak force and rate of force development.


The Gatherer System in use at Function Jigsaw's clinic

The Gatherer System in use at Function Jigsaw’s clinic


Using our vast experience of treating athletes, Function Jigsaw will be a service provider of the Gatherer Systems.

Our dedicated and fully-trained staff will be taking their expertise into the field to put the Gatherer Systems to use in clubs, clinics and sporting environments.

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